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SELECTIVE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT was established to serve property owners and directors seeking a blend of professionalism, experience, and common sense when it comes to managing their property investments. With over 30 total years of experience in property management, dedicated solely to condominium (residential and commercial) as well as homeowner associations, SPM will alleviate the pressures and time-consuming tasks associated with the daily management of your property.

We focus on providing great and personalized service. We work to ensure our goals are in line with our clients goals. When choosing SPM, you invest in us so we invest in you. We work hard to build trusting relationships and strive to maintain the respect of everyone we deal with. We maintain a strong code of ethics.

We stress being responsive and reliable in time of need. Our 24-hour emergency service enables us to respond to your needs in a very expedient manner.

The management of a property is performed under the directives of an Association’s Board and there is no charge should a Board decide to sign or co-sign checks. Each Association has separate financial accounts that are independent from other Association’s and SPM.

Our aggressive, yet sensible, assessment fee collection policy is also an aide to an Association. We have an ongoing, working relationship with several attorneys, who are very learned in condominium law and have helped to write many of the existing RI Condominium laws.

Our maintenance capabilities are limitless. A full complement of insured landscapers, snow removal firms, and insured, trained technicians for physical plant operations (i.e., pump stations, ejector stations, sewerage, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler systems, pool, etc.) all operating as sub-contractors is available. We feel our sub-contractors are the best in the State and the most reasonable in price. We feel our experience in attaining the lowest quality prices possible in all facets of the business could definitely be beneficial to your Association. At any time, Board members may have contact and/or consultations with the sub-contractors and referrals regarding sub-contractors are always welcomed from the Association. Board members always have final approval on all firms utilized and on all invoices for projects done.

Our main office is located in Greenville, RI, but we currently have Associations located in RI, MA, and North Conway, NH. We also maintain a toll-free 800 telephone number so calls to our office would never be a toll call for any owners.

Our rates for both management/maintenance are very reasonable and are negotiable at all times. References regarding our experience and capabilities are provided willingly.

Please call today to see how SPM can assist your Association.

Phone: (401) 231-8588 | After Hours Phone: (401) 276-3096